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Intecpc have been providing in-house engineering services including test, repair, refurbishment, manufacturing, installation and on-site support for a range of industrial IT and home electronic products since 1995.

Based in Poynton, Cheshire - south east of Manchester, England - we operate from a 3 acre site which houses oces, warehousing, refurbishment, design, test and manufacturing facilities.

Specialists Ex Hazardous Areas

Hazardous areas where flammable atmospheres may potentially exist must be assessed and rated accordingly to avoid the likely hood of an explosion occurring. To operate in these areas products must be designed and certified as safe to work in the relevant zone, oering no possible source of ignition which may trigger an explosion.

European ATEX regulations work on zoning principles, covering the likelihood of flammable atmospheres being present. These run from Zone 2 where flammable atmospheres are unlikely to be present except for very short periods of time, Zone 1 where flammable atmospheres are possible but unlikely to exist for long periods to the most stringent Zone 0 where flammable atmospheres are likely to be present and for long periods of time or continuously.

The Intecpc specialist products division provides computers and peripherals solutions for use in harsh industrial environmental conditions up to those where explosive atmospheres are present as designated under the most severe European ATEX Ex Zone Zero certification, as well as achieving international FM and IECEx certification.
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